What is Dialer? Why Do You Need It in Your Business?

What is a Dialer?

A dialer is an automated system that places calls to customers, from an outbound call center or a blended call center.

The aim is to reduce the cost of making phone calls by removing a lot of repetitive and error-prone work.

Dialers also improve efficiency by connecting agents directly to customers as soon as they are free.

Automated dialing means that contact center agents don’t waste time physically inputting telephone numbers. Instead, they can spend more of each call talking to customers!

What Processes are Dialers Used for?

Nowadays dialers are integrate with all kinds of business processes. When a consumer requests a call-back through a website, it’s likely that the call-back is process by a dialer integrate with CRM, the company websites and other systems. If a consumer gets a call to check that they have not been a victim of fraud – perhaps because a warning was automatically generated from unusual activity – then that’s also most likely done using an integrated dialer.

Of course, dialers are use by sales teams, including cold calls and automated outbound messaging. But the list of applied processes is very long, and goes well beyond sales; account reactivation, customer retention, proactive customer care, and debt collection are just a few.

In many cases, the calls generated by the dialer are either requested by the consumer, or, in the case of debt collection, essential to the functioning of a financial service.

Why Should You Use a Dialer for Your Business?

Whatever technology we have today, live conversation still leads in building customer relationships and pushing qualified prospects through the sales pipeline. Without it, achieving your goals and targets may be challenging. Dialer solution by Dialerking allows you to focus on the right conversations, at the right time.

Benefits of Dialer Solution by Dialerking for Your Business

Our dialer saves time and removes manual error from the call process. Here are some more ways our dialer can benefit your business:

Provides a complete overview of your sales activities

Our advanced dialer solution integrates with all the leading CRMs, enabling you to create a more streamlined sales workflow. It provides deep insights for each prospect (including when they interacted with your business and how the call was). 

Since the data is capture in your CRM, it leads to better data and faster organizational learning for your sales team.

It minimizes human errors

Imagine that you have hundreds of phone calls per day. Each time, you have to log the call and dial the next number manually. This needs a great deal of patience and attention. By automating the calling process and letting our dialers handle these routine tasks, you are eliminating possible errors, such as dialing a wrong phone number, missing a number that was supposed to be dialed or calling the same person twice.

Replacing manual processes together with automated capturing of customer engagement data reduces human mistakes almost to a minimum, assuring a smooth customer experience and efficient workflow.

Helps increase the conversion rate

Calls from unknown area codes are often ignored or rejected. However, a business system (that has an in-built sales dialer) allows you to use a local number for outgoing calls. This increases the chances of conversion and customer experience. 

Another way our dialers help increase the conversion rate is by reminding you to retry abandoned calls after the initial call. They can be programmed for different retry strategies for different results, such as busy signal, voicemail, disconnected.

It can be integrate with CRM

To be as effective as possible, our dialer can be integrate with CRM (customer relationship management) software. Make the job easier by providing a single place for managing all data and interactions with prospects or customers. 

DialerKing’s dialer makes sure that all data synchronized in CRM is accurate, which provides you meaningful insights about your clients. You can use these to improve your sales strategies, for example by following statistics and monitoring your call center in real time. 

All these features result in an increased amount of phone calls, conversions, and sales. It also ensures a faster ROI – return on investment. 

And one more advantage of CRM integrations – it helps to filter blacklisted and inaccurate phone numbers. This way, you only target the right leads at the right time.

It boosts productivity

Wasted time is one of the biggest reasons why salespeople fail. DialerKing’s dialer may only save a few seconds, but when you count it, it results in a pretty significant delay. Automation reduces the dialing time to milliseconds. 

In fact, a study suggests that dialers can save around 45 minutes per day just on eliminating the necessity to dial numbers manually. 

Therefore, dialers help to increase the productivity of your team and free up time for complex and important tasks. This way, you have more space to make conversions. And with more conversions, the likelihood of making sales grows rapidly, which results in increased revenue and high commissions. 

To boost the productivity of inbound calls, our dialers have the capability to automatically assign calls to other agents while the line is busy. They can also route the call to the most skilled agent for a given issue. That way, an inquiry is solve much faster. And faster the service, more satisfied the customer.

Free up time for other tasks

Since our dialers dial phone numbers automatically, your representatives can do other tasks in less time (e.g., after-call work, researching about prospects, etc.). A study suggests dialers can save around 45 minutes per day per agent. You can use this time to follow up with more leads and increase the conversion rate.


Call centers and sales departments can use Dialerking’s Dialer to connect agents with potential customers, so employees don’t waste time manually scrolling through long lists of contacts and phone numbers.

Companies that use auto attendants and callers can reduce the amount of time outgoing calls have to wait to connect to a call center agent or customer. Increase your sales team’s productivity and increase conversions with the intelligent, predictive and powerful user experience we offer at Dialerking.

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