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Configured Goautodial with SuiteCRM API

Use Cases







They needed a professional who was an expert in GoAutoDial. They were a small firm looking to build an outbound power dialer that could also handle inbound calls. Most of our prospects are outbound dialing. This modified GoAutoDial solution was to be integrated into their open-source CRM system, which was heavily modified. They were looking for something streamlined and bug-free that would meet their needs.

They envisioned a dialer instance to interface with their FreePBX server to ensure seamless integration of their SuiteCRM and contractors. They then had a FreePBX server running on AWS and had the numbers/minutes of a wholesale telephony provider.

The contractor would also work with the firm to develop triggers, workflows, rules and business logic for the dialer, all integrated into the CRM system. The dialer will interact with several modules within the CRM system to read and write data.

They were looking for someone who would allow them to scale to multiple agents over time.


We have installed and configured Goautodial with SuiteCRM API on this, and also they have another server for freepbx to route the call, so we have integrated some other API for SuiteCRM there and both server’s integration works well and give all required data on CRM end as well.

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