Configured Goautodial with SuiteCRM API

Use Cases SuiteCRM API Location India Category Telecommunication Challenge They needed a professional who was an expert in GoAutoDial. They were a small firm looking to build an outbound power dialer that could also handle inbound calls. Most of our prospects are outbound dialing. This modified GoAutoDial solution was to be integrated into their open-source […]

Installed and Configured Firewall For Specific IPs in Dialer

Use Cases Firewall For Specific IPs Location Australia Category Telecommunication Challenge They wanted to set up their own vicidial on their server. For this they were looking for an expert. Which could help them recommend a good VOIP provider, routes, DID’s provider and add a security firewall to it. It was a long-term job to […]

Configured Custom CRM APIs with Dialer

Use Cases Custom CRM API Location United Stats Category Telecommunication Challenge They were looking for a skilled VICIDial CRM API Integration Specialist to help them integrate their VICIDial and CRM systems. Their goal was to transfer data between their VICIDial dialer and their CRM system through their custom API integration. They needed an experienced specialist […]

Configured SSL and WEBRTC

Use Cases SSL & WEBRTC Location Israel Category Telecommunication Challenge They needed to help with VICIDial it was working before very smoothly but at that time it was showing SSL error that’s why web phone was not working so they wanted to find a solution who can do it and who have experience with Web […]

Some Information and Steps For the Flow of CRM

Use Cases CRM Location Philippines Category Telecommunication Challenge They were looking for someone who is able to research mortgage CRM’s and help put together a CRM that is budget friendly per user that is fully customizable to help accelerate their business. In addition to someone preparing them for this customization, they also needed someone who […]

Explained For Their Network Issues and Required Port

Use Cases VICIDial Server Log Location India Category Telecommunication Challenge They had the issue of the VICIDial server going lagged and the agents being placed on hold and no calls coming through. They had searched the web for a solution to this issue but have been unsuccessful. They were looking for someone that already has […]

Setup and Configure All Flow For Asterisk based Solutions

Use Cases Asterisk Solution Location United Kingdom Category Telecommunication Challenge They were looking for an Asterisk expert to help with the deployment and integration of Asterisk-based solutions, as well as the design and implementation of interactive voice response (IVR) systems and graphical IVR interfaces. Responsibilities: Requirements: Solution We have setup and configure all flow for […]

Installed and Configured Custom Modules For Dialer

Use Cases Custom Modules Location Vietnam Category Telecommunication Challenge VICIDIAL Custom development was needed to build in our client’s inhouse software They were looking for a developer who can do the following: Solution We have installed and configured custom modules for dialer and explain how they can manage by own, we have also provided all […]

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