How Cloud Communication Solutions are Revolutionizing the Education Industry

The education sector is growing rapidly, as technological advances make it easier to access information and learn new skills. The education industry bases its business on communication. Communication between students and institutions occurs for various reasons. 

As students move to digital channels and adopt new technologies, Edtech companies / educational institutions must adapt their services to meet the needs of their students. Admissions and career-related questions are the most common reasons students try to interact.

In this scenario, it is necessary to take advantage of the available resources and help immediately to provide the most appropriate response. The best way of cultivating an atmosphere of innovation at schools and institutions is through cloud communication. 

Cloud communication opens the door to a vast number of opportunities and has made learning more convenient irrespective of the students’ location. Cloud communication ensures a secure connection between teachers and students, regardless of whether they are located overseas or in any part of the world.

Cloud communication solutions come with relevant features to support the education sector:

CRM integration

With the help of CRM integration, it becomes easy to store the necessary information about individual students for more targeted interactions.

Toll-Free number

Most students prefer to talk on the phone for specific information. Keeping a toll-free number makes it more convenient and effortless.

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Automated call distribution helps manage high call volumes by accurately routing calls to connect students to people with the information they need.

Call queue

This feature helps keep calls in the queue when the line is busy. To avoid dropping calls and queuing to connect to an agent.


Record all calls to listen and review all student questions. It helps students develop strategies to propose solutions in several steps.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Multi-level IVRs can be designed with different information at the click of a button. Students can find their own information and help themselves.


Students receive calls as soon as they click on this option integrated on the website. Once a call is received, it is immediately routed to an available agent.

Audio Broadcasting

Every information related to the various educational and intake processes can be conveyed to students through recorded voice messages.

Adequate Needs For the Education Sector

Sales and Lead Generation

Cloud Contact Center, Lead Management, Missed Call Solutions, Simplify your sales and lead generation process to increase sales with a targeted approach based on your needs.

ROI Marketing Song

The Missed Call Solution integrates a unified multi-channel platform for tracking and monitoring by connecting virtual business numbers to your online and offline marketing campaigns.

Work remotely

Increase efficiency with remote Cloud Communication Technology and Video Platform to reach your customers anytime.

Video platform

Enable video meetings between students and teachers by sharing unique links for online meetings anytime, anywhere.

Key Features of Call Center Software for Education:

Multiple deployment options

In public/private cloud; Hybrid Cloud and on-premise solutions make it a best-in-class solution.

Single / multilevel interactive voice response

It helps automate directory assistance, answer common questions through helplines, and streamline and streamline administrative processes.

Perfect AI integration

It helps you towards natural language and IVR voice self-service.

Interactions across all digital channels

These are automatically distributed to the correct agents based on agent roles and rights.

Skill-based Routing

It allows agents to intelligently and accurately distribute incoming interactions.

From the Interaction Left

Customers can easily join and pick up where they left off.

Power dialer

Power dialer for lead management (reception / inquiry).

Voice bot/ Web chat/ WhatsApp bot

Voice bot/ web chat/ whatsapp bot to process customer queries accurately and quickly.

Automatic Notifications via Channels

Automatic notification via channels such as email, SMS and WhatsApp, informing about courses offered or scheduling appointments for consultants.

Customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboard for real-time statistics, analytics metrics, and on-the-go reporting.

Quickly see key metrics and KPIs about assigned service queues, campaigns, teams and agents.

Comprehensive and Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting with end-to-end tracking of all impressions across all channels v.r.t. research resources.

Receive real-time contact center performance alerts and related statistics

Periodic reports are scheduled to be submitted at predetermined levels.

Why Choose Dialerking?

Dialerking, premium contact center software solution provider for Edtech with AI-Powered tools, allows you to automate the process and connect to students through multiple channels, easily and quickly access information to students, and connect with teachers and administrators.

Cloud-based solutions offer many innovative features that make its solution a powerful tool for both teachers and students. One of the most attractive aspects of this platform is its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Whether you’re an experienced teacher or a student just starting out, Dialerking makes it easy to get started and find the resources you need.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways cloud based communication solutions is revolutionizing the education industry:


We offer a flexible and convenient way to learn from anywhere, anytime using online lessons and resources. Students can learn at their own pace and teachers can create and manage courses from anywhere in the world. This flexibility is especially important for students who have other commitments such as work or family obligations.

Real Time Analysis

We provide analytics and feedback to teachers and students in real-time, allowing them to track progress and adjust their strategies as needed. For teachers, this means being able to see which students are struggling and which areas are most effective. For students, this means tracking their progress and receiving personalized recommendations for further study.

Working together

One of the key ways communication solutions is changing the education industry is by providing a new level of interactivity and engagement. Unlike traditional learning methods that can be dry and impersonal, We use a variety of multimedia tools to engage and motivate students. From video tutorials and interactive quizzes to social media integration and group chat features, solutions are designed to make learning fun.


A variety of collaboration features such as group chats and social media integration that allow students to connect with each other and collaborate on projects. This not only helps create a more engaging and interactive learning environment, but also prepares students for the real-world work environment they may encounter.

Cost savings

Cloud communication solutions offer a great way to save money. Now-a-days are a great environment to help you make the most of available resources and make the most of your agent’s availability. In addition, our solutions work on a fee-based model, so users only pay for the services they use. It comes with several plans that you can choose based on your business needs. You can also consult with us and select some selected features to make a custom plan.


Another key benefit of our solutions are its ability to provide a personalized learning experience. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, the platform can tailor content and recommendations to each user’s needs and preferences. This means that students can receive personalized feedback and guidance, while teachers can track their progress and adjust learning strategies accordingly.

Signs and Reminders

Students should be informed about various updates in real time. In this scenario, it becomes really useful to use tools like audio broadcasts to inform students about any updates. Our cloud communication solutions with flexible features provide a very efficient solution to the pressures of the education industry. 

Recorded messages can be customized at any time based on existing needs. Also, since the cloud can be easily integrated with CRM, all student-related data remains in CRM for further reference.

Seamless communication

The institute has several departments. With a cloud PBX, you can have multiple extensions for different departments and manage them all from one portal. It’s easier to connect with teachers and have a regular environment to network.

Similarly, bulk SMS service is an easy way to communicate with students and keep them updated with all the information.

These text messages can also be used to send notifications and reminders to students about upcoming classes and schedules. It is an easy service to connect with hundreds of students with just one click.

Our software also allows all users to access centralized information and provide reporting consistency; The idea of ​​the cloud is to create a seamless platform for different communication sources.


One of the most exciting aspects of our software solution is its potential to democratize education. With its low cost and ease of use, the platform has the potential to break down barriers and become more accessible to people from all walks of life.

DialerKing provides powerful tools that can help you achieve your goals, whether you are a student studying in a far corner of the world or a teacher looking to expand your knowledge.

Online demonstration

Even the demo process has become easy. If a teacher needs to demonstrate a product or explain a certain process with gestures, this can be easily done with cloud video conferencing tools.

Students can use this tool to solve problems and clarify their doubts. Teachers are turning to online video platforms like YouTube to share explanatory videos with students. Many learning experiences are more advanced than traditional teaching.

Share Information

Sharing information with students is easier with cloud-based communication solutions. Voice over and IVR are widely used solutions to communicate and share information with students. During the admission season, more students answer related questions.

Responding to large numbers of students directly is one of the challenges facing the education industry today. Cloud-based communication solutions solve these challenges because they are easily scalable and can be customized according to different requirements.


Security is a major concern for universities to prevent breaches and leaks of student data. Traditional storage systems such as hard drives, pen drives, and other storage devices are prone to theft and accidents resulting in complete loss of confidential and important information. In contrast, cloud storage allows users to store password-protected files on remote data servers and access them from any device via the Internet.


In summary, Dialerking provides a game-changing platform that changes the way we approach education, with its software solutions. It empowers students and teachers to reach their full potential by providing a powerful combination of interactivity, personalization and accessibility. As the education industry continues to evolve and adopt new technologies, platforms like Dialerking will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of education.

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