Benefits of Configuring Click to Call Feature in Your Call Center Software

Click-to-call feature is a useful tool that can help call centers improve customer service and improve overall efficiency.

It allows call center agents to initiate or initiate calls with customers directly from the call center software interface with just one click. 

This feature is especially useful for overseas call campaigns, where agents need to make a large number of calls quickly and efficiently.

It saves agents time and reduces the possibility of errors such as dialing the wrong number or the wrong sequence of calls.

In addition, it can provide additional functionality such as push to call features, call tracking, call recording, and integration with other call center software or CRM systems. This can help agents manage their calls, track their performance, and provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

Dialerking is designed to integrate effectively with call center software and drive click-to-call features to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Some of the benefits of configuring click-to-call in your call center software include:

Improved customer experience

Click to call allows customers to connect with an agent with just one click, eliminating the need to manually dial phone numbers. This feature helps reduce customer wait times, making the overall experience more comfortable and convenient for them.

Improve agent efficiency

With click-to-call, agents can quickly and easily connect with customers and save time dialing phone numbers. This leads to increased productivity and more time for agents to answer customer queries.

Reduce errors

Manual dialing can lead to errors such as wrong phone number or wrong order of calls. When you use click-to-call, this error is reduced, resulting in better call quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Better call tracking

Click to Call enables call centers to track calls more accurately and provide better data for analysis and reporting. This can help call centers identify trends and areas for improvement, leading to better performance.

Improved reporting

The call tracking feature allows call center managers to track call metrics and effectively measure agent performance. Custom generated data can be used to generate reports and analytics that provide insight into call center operations and customer behavior. This information can be used to make informed decisions and improve the overall operation of the call center.

Cost savings

The click-to-call feature eliminates the need for phone lines and physical equipment, reducing equipment costs and maintenance costs. It will also reduce the need for manual handling, which saves labor costs and improves call center efficiency.

Reduce Abandoned Calls

Click to Call can help reduce the number of abandoned calls because customers can reach an agent if they only need to press a button to initiate a call.

Improve customer retention

By giving customers a more convenient and efficient way to communicate with agents, click-to-call can help increase customer retention rates and lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Increase sales

Click-to-call can also help increase sales, as agents can quickly answer customer questions and provide personalized assistance, leading to a more positive customer experience and increased sales conversions.

Integration with other software

Click to Call can be integrated with other call center software, such as CRM systems or call center analytics tools, to provide a more complete understanding of customer interactions and improve overall call center efficiency.

Mobile accessibility

With more and more people using mobile devices to access services and products, click-to-call can be more useful for mobile users as it allows one-click interactions with agents without having to manually dial a phone number.

Multi-channel Support

Click-to-call can be integrated with other channels, such as web chat or email, to provide a better customer experience.

Remote accessibility

The Click-to-call feature allows agents to work remotely or from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This provides flexibility for agents and allows call centers to operate from anywhere, reducing real estate and other costs.


In general, configuring click-to-call features in your call center software can improve customer experience, improve agent efficiency, reduce errors, call tracking, and integrate with other software.

Dialerking’s calling features can help businesses improve customer service, increase sales conversions, and provide a smoother and more efficient customer experience.

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