What is a Progressive Dialer?

Progressive Dialing solution comes somewhere in between the custom-built dialing, and the much advanced Predictive Dialer software solutions.

What is Meant by a Progressive Dialer?

Progressive dialing is simply called a process in which agents are connected to a “live” person. This call center software solution lets the auto dialer go through the company’s contact list until it reaches a person who’s available to talk. This automatic dialing phone system will disregard any telephone  number crunching that connects to a number which comes up as busy, or doesn’t connect. 

In this way, agents no longer have to manually ring telephone number crunching, leading to an increase in connection  efficiency while optimizing your agent’s talk time.

A Progressive Dialer will hold on for an agent to finish their current call before it dials the coming number on the list, and it’ll only call one number per agent. 

This is what makes it different from a Predictive Dialer that calls multiple figures for every agent and uses the call center data to determine how multiple outbound calls are executed for each and every available agent.

Benefits of Progressive Dialer Software Solution

A Progressive Dialer has a huge impact on a call center’s productivity because it is able to automate mundane tasks that unnecessarily take up mortal expenditures, which is very similar to changing a number from the list and manually calling it.

Also, it’s the most affordable  way to the  client communication processes.

Let’s look at some advantages of using a progressive contact center dialer:

Increased Agent Effectiveness

Since progressive dialers call numbers automatically and filter out busy lines, answering machines and disconnected  number crunching, agents don’t have to waste time on custom-built dialing and failed calls.   

Lesser Hang-up Calls

As the progressive dialers ensure all the agents’ accessibility (there’s always an available agent ready to handle the call, once it’s connected), delayed times are reduced and this results in very less dropped calls as compared to other dialers. 

More Target Conversion

Reduced call abandonment means better call connection rate and advanced agent talk time that may lead to increase in target conversion rates (deals, collections,etc.) and better client satisfaction.

Greater Client Engagement

Because agents have useful client  perceptivity before any relations, which helps to guide the exchanges.   

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

This includes the volume of calls and all the access to call recordings, which enables the authorities to track agent’s performance and initiate advancements. 

In What Screenplays Can a Progressive Dialer be Used in a Call Center?

A progressive dialer is particularly useful for targeted outbound movements akin as welcome calls and further follow-ups.

This is due to the fact that agents can review  client information and prepare themselves for the call consequently before the number is called. While some large call centers use predictive dialers, progressive dialers can  give a lesser sense of control, as they bear a lower  position of  robotization. Since they only ever call one number at a time as well, you do n’t need to worry about recreating agent accessibility mishaps. 

Automated outbound calling on a day-to-day basis can be stressful in the long- term but the right software will relieve some of the pressure. A progressive dialer helps increase agent productivity and reduce call abandonment while enhancing client engagement and boosting transformations for your call center.   

What Diligence Can Use a Progressive Dialer? 

Progressive dialers are extensively-used across numerous diligence. These dialers have the potential to be used by agents in a variety of sectors. Progressive dialers can be used for client service, deals, telemarketing, collections, education, insurance, and  numerous further. Overall, this dialing system can be used in any  terrain that makes an abundant  quantity of outbound calls.   

How Can Dialerking’s Progressive Dialing Software Help Your Business? 

Apart from the said-mentioned advantages, Dialerking’s progressive dialing system helps businesses take their marketing  movements success to the coming position. Dialerking, one of the leading cloud business communication providers, is known for their secure platform. Our progressive dialing software can be used for both incoming and outgoing purposes. 

Running a movement with Dialerking’s system makes businesses serve more efficiently. Our solution has a user-friendly dashboard which allows businesses to manage specifications fluently. Businesses can now mention the movement launch and end date, along with business hours when they want the calls to be activated for that particular  movement. 

Effectiveness and Resilience  

Our progressive dialing software ensures the agent is online when the numbers are telephoned to communicate   guests from the list. Agents can be fluently added in groups and lists can be assigned according to the groups created. The system will call automatically consequently. 

It ensures businesses have the resilience to define the number of retries for each  frequenter. It also helps businesses choose when the dialer should retry for a  client. Movement tagging becomes easier too since businesses can get a clear view about number of successful calls, number of expired calls etc. 

Post successful calls, businesses can indeed  spark a communication and admit feedback about the  discussion. Businesses can upload or crucial-in a welcome communication  rested on  movements to achieve  client personalization. 

Businesses can also set agent business hours and configure date and time according to the call center availableness. Feedback dispatches can be transferred only to clients who answer the call.

Intelligent dashboard  

Dialerking’s Intelligent dashboard allows businesses to filter indistinguishable entries  similar to the call that is rang only formally to the client. Businesses can indeed render  movements for while running corresponding  drives therefore saving time and perfecting  effectiveness. 

But our super-efficient progressive dialing software ensures the client figures aren’t  replicated and data segregation is maintained. This way clients can be assured their data is safe and businesses can use it according to the movements run. 

Better UX

Dialerking’s Dialer Software removes wait time for  clients and  excludes the need to hold on long pauses while the agent fetches details about the  client. Calls are rang in thousands and in a progressive manner making call centers super functional  enhancing agent productivity. 

These dialers as mentioned earlier weed out calls which have no response and follow retry  sense according to the response configured by the business.   


Use Dialerking’s Progressive Auto Dialer to maximize business outgrowth, enrich lead conversion rates and enhance agent productivity. Get detailed reports of each call  set off, number of calls handled by agents and much more.

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