What is a Preview Dialer?

A preview Dialer is a type of communication system that is used in call centers or telemarketing operations. It helps agents to make calls to customers or prospects.

As we know, automated or predictive dialers automatically dial a number and connect the call to the available agent. But here, panels of preview dialer allows the agents to see all the customer information before connecting the call. 

The preview dialer usually includes general information such as the client’s name, contact information, previous call history and things like that.

This feature allows the call center agents to prepare for the upcoming calls, review some notes or records related to the customer, and address the customer’s specific needs. 

It can also help in reducing the number of dropped calls or the wrong numbers, because agents have the option to verify all the information before dialing.


Preview Dialer helps call center agents be more efficient and effective in outbound call operations by giving them the right information and tools to engage with customers in a more personalized and efficient way.

Some key features of the preview dialers include:

Prior information

The ability to provide the agent with information about the customer or prospect to call, including information, contact information, and previous interactions with the company.

Preview Time

The ability to allow the agent to preview this information at a certain time before the call is automatically connected.

Call Control

The agent’s ability to control the call after it is connected, including the ability to put the call on hold, transfer the call, or end the call.

Automated Call Distribution

The ability to route calls to appropriate agents based on various criteria, such as language, skill level, or availability.

Call Recording

Ability to record calls for training or quality assurance purposes.

Reporting and Analytics

Ability to track and analyze call metrics such as call duration, talk time, and call results.

Integration with CRM Systems

Ability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to provide agents with a complete history of customers and their relationship with the company.


Previewer Dialers can help call centers and telemarketing operations run more efficiently, improve customer interactions, and drive better results.

Some of the benefits of using preview dialers in your call center or telemarketing operation include:

Improve agent productivity

Preview dialer helps agents to prepare calls better, allowing them to use their time more efficiently and have more meaningful conversations with customers.

Higher customer satisfaction

By providing agents with information about the customer before the call, customers can help agents approach the customer’s specific needs, leading to more positive interactions and higher customer satisfaction.

Increase contact rate

Screening can help reduce the number of dropped calls and the number of wrong numbers, resulting in higher contact rates and more opportunities to engage with customers.

Advanced performance

Preview dialers can be programmed to comply with certain rules and best practices, such as revealing mandatory information or limiting the number of calls made to a specific number within a specified period of time.

Better Reporting and Analytics

Insights provide valuable information about call metrics that allow call centers to identify areas for improvement and track them over time.

Use Cases

Preview Dialer can work in a variety of call center and telemarketing operations, including:


It can help sales teams make more targeted and effective outbound calls by providing agents with information such as customer purchases or interests before the call.

Customer Service

Preview Dialer can help customer service teams provide more personalized support to customers by allowing them to review customer history and past interactions with the company before calling.


This software solution can be more effective in debt settlement by providing relevant customer information to the collection team and allowing them to approach specific situations.


Preview Dialer can be used in healthcare organizations to improve patient reporting processes without providing patient information such as patient reporting history or medical conditions.

Financial services

Advance calls can be used by financial services organizations to improve communication and customer support, such as reminding customers of upcoming payments or offering new products or services.

Any call center or telemarketing operation that requires personal contact and customer interaction can benefit from preview Dialer.

Check Out the Preview Dialer Software Solution by Dialerking

Ultimately, the decision to choose DialerKing’s Preview Dialer solution should be done by evaluating business needs, priorities, and all the available options.

However, here are some general factors to consider when choosing a Preview Dialer solution by DialerKing:


Dialerking’s standard preview Dialer solution comes with several advanced features including call routing, data management, reporting and analytics. These features can  meet your specific business needs and requirements.


Our solution complies with regulations and industry standards that apply to call center operations, such as TCPA, DNC and FCC regulations.


Our solutions can be easily integrated with your existing call center infrastructure, such as your standard phone solution, CRM or workforce management software. Seamless integration offered by DialerKing can improve efficiency and accuracy in call handling and reporting.


We have a responsive and reliable support team that can help resolve technical issues and optimize solution performance. Some of our customer support and service offerings, include training, troubleshooting, and software updates. 


Our pricing and payment model, while compared with other pre-paid communication solutions in the market, is a good fit for your budget and expected ROI.


In summary, preview dialer software solutions can be a powerful tool for call centers to improve efficiency and optimize outbound call campaigns. When evaluating advanced telephony solutions, factors such as compliance with applicable regulations, integration with existing infrastructure, and customer support should be considered along with the features offered by the solution.

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