What is VICIDial? It’s Features and Benefits

What is VICIDial?

VICIDial facilitates communication with Asterisk-based open source PBX phone systems, allowing it to function as a complete inbound/outbound contact center.

Agents can handle incoming and outgoing calls manually, and predictive outgoing calls. Best of all, it can handle customer chat support and email messages running on the same screen agent.

Very flexible and versatile.

The tool provided by DialerKing is easy to use. The learning curve is low and all the features are well designed and well thought out.

With VICIDial’s predictive calling solution, the contact center is equipped and empowered to automatically filter out anything that can hinder productivity, such as answering machines, busy lines, numbers, calling at optimal speed and at the optimal time.

In addition, VICIDial filters call time, thereby increasing productivity and reducing wasted time waiting for calls. 

Therefore, VICIDial by Dialerking can improve call center efficiency, productivity, sales and customer service, while reducing driving costs.

Some of the key features of VICIDial include:

Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer feature allows agents to make a high volume of outbound calls quickly and efficiently by automatically dialing numbers and connecting the agent only to live calls.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

VICIDial’s IVR feature enables customers to interact with an automated system and route their call to the appropriate department or agent, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Call Recording

VICIDial’s call recording feature allows managers to monitor and evaluate agent performance, ensure compliance with regulations, and resolve disputes or misunderstandings with customers.

Real-time Reporting

It’s real-time reporting feature provides managers with up-to-the-minute information on call volume, agent performance, and other metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions and adjust operations as needed.

Multi-Channel Support

In addition to voice calls, VICIDial also supports other communication channels, such as email, chat, and social media, allowing agents to interact with customers in the channel of their choice.


It’s scripting feature allows agents to follow a predefined script during a call, ensuring that they provide consistent and high-quality service to customers.

Integrated CRM

It can be integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, allowing agents to access customer information and history during a call and provide personalized service.

Automatic Call Recording (ACR)

It’s ACR feature allows you to automatically record all calls made or received on your system.

Quality Monitoring

It’s quality monitoring feature allows managers to monitor calls in real-time or recorded and evaluate agent performance to identify areas where they can improve.

Key Benefits of VICIDial for call centers

Work from anywhere/anytime

VICIdial is a web-based software that only requires a stable internet connection. It gives organizations the flexibility to work from home and hire employees remotely from anywhere. 

It provides infrastructure solutions for companies and creates mobile call centers.

With this solution, you can build your own business empire by providing local support and hiring local leaders.

Improve agent efficiency and agent productivity

It’s predictive calling algorithm guides call center agents on what to do; talk to customers. It takes a load off agents to search for phone number lists and call customers manually. 

VICIDial determines the best time to call, then predicts when the call will be made and starts calling the next number. 

VICIDial also supports call routing, It can assign calls to agents on inbound and outbound channels, resulting in less downtime as it seamlessly switches between incoming and outgoing calls depending on the call.

Multiple call modes

VICIDial provides an auto dialer mode that increases call connection rates and the agent can call again while the auto dialer automatically dials another number, resulting in higher productivity.

It also facilitates other rotation methods such as pre-rotation and pre-rotation. 

The availability of all calling methods makes this open source software even more valuable.

Powerful and smarter lead management

VICIDial can manage lead information, sales information, customer history and contact information in one place.

This allows the software to determine the best call time and has the ability to eliminate all “calling” numbers, fax lines or answering machines to ensure direct access to the best and most likely results at the optimal time.

The solution becomes a mini CRM for optimal lead management. Dialerking can even integrate VICIDial into your existing CRM (contact us for more information). 

Get the most out of your team with real metrics, reporting and invaluable key performance indicators (KPIs) for optimal sales and marketing operations.

Let VICIDial accelerate sales

Agents need to connect with the right customers to close more sales. VICIdial reduces guesswork and directly connects agents with potential buyers. 

VICIdial has endless features that save time and enable agents to track the best and strongest leads, including: call logs, call recording, call parameters and other automated processes. 

We have seen over 200% performance improvement.

Improve customer service and customer satisfaction

It’s no secret that VICIDial is a key driver of customer satisfaction. With VICIDial you can reach customers at the right time, VICIDial increases the possibility of offering products and services that customers are interested in. 

By calling customers with the products, services, and solutions they want at the best possible time, customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased. 

Greet customers with a built-in predictive calling feature that lets them see who they’re talking to before the phone is connected.

Can be arranged easily

VICIDial contact center software is easy to use as it is an open source solution. Businesses can easily modify software, dashboards and reports based on their requirements.

It can also be easily integrated with third-party software and CRM systems. Dialerking provides ready-to-use call center control panels as per production requirements.

Authentic dashboard

It’s easy to run multiple campaigns, but it’s difficult to monitor them together on different screens, and switching between screens to see how a campaign is doing can be confusing.

VICIDial brings all campaigns to a single screen, a single dashboard integrated across multiple sources makes campaign monitoring easy for managers.

Significantly reduce operational costs

VICIDial can reduce downtime for agents, significantly reduce customer abandonment rates, increase agent productivity, and ultimately lead to increased revenue.

VICIDial eliminates the need for additional and expensive telecommunications solutions or equipment. 

Dialerking offers VICIDial in the cloud without additional servers or IT infrastructure investment.

While cell phones can drive more sales and improve communication, they also significantly increase call volume, resulting in increased costs (we saw a 50% increase in costs due to a dramatic increase in agent talk time).

No one is selling

Open source solutions come with their own source code, so there is no lock to sell where the code can be modified by the UC solution provider.  VICIDial contact center software allows you to integrate any phone system with software, unlike proprietary technology.


VICIDial call center software can be integrated with other phone systems and software, CRM, Whatsapp, Email, SMS and ERP systems. Dialerking provides call center software integration with popular CRM systems such as ZOHO and Salesforce.


With such great features at its disposal and regular updates, VICIDial makes it the most used and popular call center software used by businesses and call centers. 

There’s so much more you can do with VICIDial, and at Dialerking, we’re constantly testing and developing new integrations to make your call center more efficient.

At Dialerking, we know that connecting with customers quickly and efficiently is essential to stay ahead of the competition. With VICIDial and other Call Center solutions, brands can work effectively with the most trusted executives while providing the best customer service.

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