VoIP Billing Software- Manage Effective Billing Process

Talking about VoIP, it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it means making a call through the Internet rather than through the public switched telephone network( PSTN) or mobile phone network. A VoIP system takes your voice signal and converts it into a digital signal, which is also transferred as data over the Internet. 

As VoIP is very cost-effective in comparison to the phone call done by using the PSTN network, it can be a very good choice for companies that want to expand their business, especially if we talk about the new start-ups or small companies. 

For illustration, depending on the business and its functionality, using VoIP can help you avoid quiescence and destination costs generally associated with calls made over the PSTN network. 

Introductory Functions of VOIP Billing Software Solution

Your unique conditions are important in determining the VoIP billing and profit operation software that will drive functional effectiveness and profitability. Our future-ready billing platform is perfect for high- volume consumer events for any service, product or business model. 

Grow your periodic recreating profit sluice with flexible, dependable and latest features! Let’s see what the main functions of our VoIP Billing solution is.

Client Operation Onboarding

See real- time balance and authorization information. 

Bills and Invoices

Manage all the flexible billing cycles( advance billing & first-time billing) and shoot the checks right out of the box (Customised, acclimate any balance, and manage all kinds of payments). 


An advanced billing system to optimise all income eventuality, giving you the capability to separate your immolation through flat pricing, consumption, or a mongrel approach. 


Manage everything from a simple flat operation model to a more complex operation- grounded standing model( all measured, tracking and virtual particulars in real- time or a combination). 

Profit operation Tracking

All stages of profit recognition (managing multi-level accounts, custom affirmations) with ready- made reports and analytics, your account or finance platoon can fluently track profit. 

Why is a VoIP Billing Software Solution So Important For Businesses? 

Check out some of the reasons why VoIP and VoIP billing results are so important to your business. 

Automatic Billing and Invoicing 

VoIP results include phone groups, phone rates, pack creation, rate cards, and more. It’s available with several dependable features. These features can be used efficiently and make it the stylish VoIP billing software that can automate the entire billing process and induce checks. 

The main advantage of this system is that it allows you to produce different types of billing and billing results. 

They’ve the capability to approach different special guests in client groups for special billing results. 

VoIP service providers can induce different types of checks and bills. In addition, they can apply special payments to specific guests within client groups. 


You must have a billing system that can grow as your association grows. This is the most trusted network that’s considered an effective way to increase your association’s reach. It also brings the capability to dissect different accounts for utmost checks created. 

Also, you can change the payment system without any hassle and according to your business requirements. This billing system is the stylish way to induce further profit for your business. 

Reduce Coffers 

People who do not use VoIP billing results frequently have to calculate on homemade coffers to handle the billing process. Whether you need to expand the necessary structure, pay hires, or need terrain to maintain coffers, the result is critical. 

Compared to VoIP billing systems, homemade processing is labour-ferocious but time-consuming. This process is veritably slow and prone to mortal error. 

VoIP solutions give reporting, bill shadowing, cautions, and further for prepaid and postpaid accounts. give openings, this report is veritably important for businesses and help ameliorate their productivity. Our Voip Billing solution also provides billing,call data reporting, collection,etc. 

This payment system is also important as a road chart to support your business growth. The results mentioned above allow your association to take advantage of unlimited openings for growth. 

Manage Your Fiscal History 

Every business has an operating system developed for its fiscal operations. Providers of business services and VoIP results must have strong and transparent fiscal records. 

In addition, the payment system allows you to explore colourful listed checks, request bills and track ongoing deals. It also allows you to shoot checks with details related to payment through the system. 

Increase ROI 

The above discussion makes it clear that VoIP billing systems are effective when it comes to reducing your association’s coffers. This, in turn, allows you to save costs and therefore increase the profitability of your organisation. 

Use Cases of VOIP Billing Software:

You can get help of our VoIP billing solution. If you fall into one of these categories.

  • Call Centre 
  • VoIP providers 
  • Internet service providers 
  • ILD 
  • Wholesaler 
  • ITSPs 

What Can You Get From Our VoIP Billing Solution? 

We, at DialerKing, offer a great VoIP billing result with the rearmost features for invoicing or billing. Learn further about all the features we offer. 

  • Balance operation 
  • Automatic and batch invoicing 
  • Balance, credit limit and payment operation 
  • Discount the client on a prepaid/ postpaid base 
  • Bi-weekly/ yearly checks 
  • Payment is automatic if the account is below the prepaid client limit 
  • Warning system 
  • Support real- time payment for prepaid 


Our VoIP billing software is erected using 100 multithreaded C law and features a high-performing billing machine able to handle millions of calls. The billing process runs in lower precedence sessions, not affecting call quality if utilisation is high. The remote operation offers several customizable reports that include account, profit, charges, call history by stoner and further. 

We enable service providers to efficiently manage and directly regard all aspects of their ends’ VoIP operation.

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