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We Serve Simple, Powerful Software

Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer software is a tool used by businesses to automate outgoing calls.

IPPBX System

An IP PBX system is a type of private telephone network used within a business or organization.

SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcasting means sending one or more messages to a main list of contacts.


Voice Broadcasting

Reach to wider audience with help of voice broadcasting software.

DID Management

DID Management software is a tool that helps businesses manage their incoming phone calls efficiently.

VoIP Billing Software

VoIP billing software refers to a software application that manages and tracks billing and invoicing.

All Possibilities in One Platform


Interactive Dashboard

We provide interactive dashboard, which allows you to monitor your call center activities.


Easy to Use

We designed carefully our producers so that you can easily use them and configure them quickly.


Advanced Features

Additional calling features available in our software. So, You can easily manage your calling activities.



Customization is demandable in modern times. So, we provide customizable solution and support.


Real-time Reports

Manage can analyze your employees’ performance in your call center by getting real-time reports.

Advanced Solution

Grow your business with smart telephony solution

In modern times, every business wants to grow fast. That’s why we provide smart telephony solutions through which you can give your business extraordinary growth. We provide solutions for different businesses like telemarketing, banking, education, BPO, healthcare etc.

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Sales
  • Analyze Performance
  • Boost Productivity
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Lead Generation

Easy to Connect

Connect with more customers in a few minutes

With the help of our software, you can quickly connect with your customers. Our solutions enable you to connect with your customers faster and communicate more with customers.


Connected calls by per agent


Boosts sales


Call quality


Reduce hold time


Make better customer relationships with smart calling software

In modern times, better customer relationships are very important to build a strong brand image. Connect with your customers anytime from anywhere with the help of our solutions keeping in mind the importance of their time.

  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Improve Satisfaction
  • Reduce Calling Cost
  • Increase Customer Support
  • Budget Friendly Solution
  • Quick Connection

Latest Technologies

Earn more. Spend less.

Improve Customer Satisfaction


Average Rate of Saving Cost


Connected Calls in One Hour


Our Client’s Success is Our Success

“Excellent asterisk solutions I must say! They have such a professional and skillful team. Totally loved your services and especially ‘VICIDIAL’ and ‘CRM’ will work again with you in future. More success and luck to you.”

Krunal Deshmukh


“Very much satisfied with the services and outcome. They are honest and accurate for any project, that’s what helps them to stand out in Asterisk world. Dialer is one of the best VoIP based application. Will work with you for several projects.”

Amit Kumar Singh


“DIALERKING! You have a truly professional team. I really appreciate your work. Your ‘DIALER’ and ‘Click to call’ services has been enough successful to relieve my stress regarding call center or telecommunication. Highly appreciating services. Thank you.”

HP Patel


“Was a bit rushing at first, but getting much better working with them after we communicate the expectation. Very professional and expert on Asterisk and PHP and most importantly very helpful and supportive. Would work with them again Thanks!”

Erik G.


“Pleasure working with you. One of the great teams I have worked with. I am really satisfied with your service of Voice broadcasting, which is very helpful for sending voice message to many clients at the same time. I just loved this VoIP based software. We’ll definately want to work with you in future.”

Call2dial Communications

United Kingdom

“I have taken the services of Mr Dialerking for few Asterisk based projects which involved setting up asterisk as a gateway and as a phone system. I found him very creative, precise and innovative. He has been very professional regarding his services.”

Azeem Baig


“Kind is a real expert in all kind of Voip solutions specially Asterisk, SMS, vicidial, goautodial. I highly recommend by hiring this person instead of wasting your money on new/unprofessional people.”


Saudi Arabia

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