Predictive dialer software by Dialerking is a tool that helps businesses automate outbound call campaigns. It uses algorithms to predict when an agent will be available for the next call and cycles multiple phone numbers at once to improve efficiency.

Cut Abandoned Calls

Predictive dialer software is a powerful tool that can help call center reduces the number of abandoned calls.

Ideal Tool For Business

It is an ideal tool for many businesses that rely on outbound calling to reach their customers.

Stipulated Average Talk Time

Using predictive dialer software, call centers can manage and optimize their stipulated average talk time in several ways.

Important Features


Automatic Call Distribution

This feature distributes incoming calls to available agents based on predefined rules. This ensures that customers are connected with the most suitable agent for their needs.


CRM Integration

Predictive calling software integrates with your existing CRM system, giving agents access to customer information during calls. This helps agents provide a more personalized and efficient service.


Real-time Reporting

The software provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing managers to monitor performance and adjust strategies as needed.


Call Logging

Call logging is an important feature of predictive calling software because it helps managers evaluate agent performance and identify areas for improvement.



Predictive dialing software complies with industry regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


Multiple Call Modes

The software supports multiple call modes including preview, progressive and power cycle. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the configuration that best suits their specific needs.

How It Can Beneficial For Your Business


Improve Productivity

By automating outgoing calls, our predictive calling software will reduce the time agents spend manually entering phone numbers. This increases the number of calls agents can handle in a day, leading to greater productivity.


Greater efficiency

The software allows agents to speak directly to customers, rather than waiting on the phone or listening to busy signals, wrong numbers or voicemails.


Better Call Routing

Smart dialer software can intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent based on call needs and agent expertise, providing a greater chance of success in closing a sale or solving a customer problem.


Improve call quality

With features like call recording and call monitoring, managers can listen to calls and provide feedback to agents on how to improve their performance.



Predictive dialer software can reduce costs per call by eliminating the need for manual dialing and reducing idle time. It also allows businesses to run campaigns with smaller teams, further reducing costs.


Improve customer satisfaction

The software helps agents quickly access customer information and history, enabling personalized interactions that can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Usage of Predictive Dialer



Predictive dialer software can be used to contact potential customers and pitch products or services. The software can increase the number of calls per day by playing multiple numbers at once and only connecting calls directly to agents.



For businesses involved in debt collection, pre-call software can be used to automate the call process, increasing the number of calls while reducing agent downtime. The software can also prioritize calls based on the likelihood of a successful recovery, helping agents work more efficiently.


Customer Service

Predictive calling software can be used to manage incoming customer calls and route them to the best agents based on their needs. The software can also be used for outbound calls for tracking, questions and support requests.


Market Research

Predictive dialer software can be used to conduct market research over the phone. The software can help you manage your call list, automate the calling process, and efficiently collect responses.


Political campaigns

Predictive calling software can be used to contact voters during election campaigns. Software can help manage phone lists, automate the calling process, and route calls to campaign volunteers who can have meaningful conversations with voters.



Predictive calling software can be used to schedule appointments for sales or service teams. The software can automate the calling process, identify available time slots, and schedule appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Predictive Dialer Software??

Predictive Dialer software is an automated dialer that uses algorithms to predict when the call will be answered and automatically dials the next number without an agent. This reduces idle time and increases the number of calls that can be made per day.

What are the benefits of using predictive dialer software??

Predictive Dialer software can increase productivity and efficiency, improve call routing, provide call recording and monitoring capabilities, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

How does Dialerking’s predictive dialer software work??

Our predictive dialer software uses machine learning algorithms to predict when a call will be answered and automatically dials the next number without an agent being available. The software can route calls based on probability of success and to the most appropriate agent based on skills and availability.

Can predictive dialer software be integrated with other tools??

Yes, predictive dialer software can be integrated with other tools such as CRM systems, lead generation tools and customer service platforms.

How does you ensure compliance with regulations such as TCPA and DNC??

Our predictive dialing software includes features such as call logs, call monitoring and performance monitoring to ensure compliance with regulations such as TCPA and DNC.

How do I get started with your predictive dialer software??

You can request a demo on our website or contact our sales team for more information on our predictive calling software and pricing options.

Why Choose Us For Your Business?


Affordable & Reliable

Dialerking provides affordable and reliable service with best support to their customers.


Superior Quality

Premium quality available in our solution and we always focus on quality of voice in our services.


Flexible & Customizable

Our products are very flexible and customizable and we also provide customization support.


24/7 Support

Get 24/7 support from Dialerking’s intelligent, experienced and dedicated technical team.


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What is Predictive Dialer Software?

For companies that rely on outbound calls, which include telemarketing companies, debt series corporations, and customer service centers, predictive dialer software has emerged as an important tool for maximizing productivity and accomplishing their goals.

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