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Privacy Policy

Dialerking takes privacy issues with an almost pondering and responsibility. No personal information is collected on this website except a user requests for services or related enquiries. The sections where information might be collected are: Careers and Contact us.

Dialerking is com mitted to protect a user’s information from external entities such as individuals, other service providers, search engines or any illegal uses.

Dialerking uses a user’s personal information only to provide that particular user with the needed solution/information or to communicate or contact that particular user. With this, a user understands that Dialerking is under no compulsion to verify the source from which the personal information about a user is provided to Dialerking.

The term User shall refer to the user who is browsing the website. The term Dialerking Technologies or Dialerking shall refer to Dialerking. The term website refers to owned and monitored by Dialerking Technologies.

Dialerking accesses the logs of the domain information and not the email addresses of the website visitors to tweak the website usability, effectiveness and performance for understanding information about the type of visitors and website’s which area is visited.

All the information gathered by the RFPs, RFIs will be the utter responsibility of Dialerking and will not be copied, replenished or used without the respective client’s approval.