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We provide valuable tool for the education industry to connect with students, alumni and other stakeholders. It can help improve communication, improve engagement, and ultimately improve the learning experience for all involved.

How It Can Beneficial For Your Business

Improve Student Engagement

It can help schools and universities improve student engagement by providing efficient and effective communication with students. This may include activities such as informing prospective students, checking in on current students, and promoting events on campus.

Increase Efficiency

With automated dialing, call scripts and other time-saving features, Dialerking can increase the efficiency of outreach efforts to schools and colleges. This can free up staff time and resources for other important tasks.

Better Data Management

Through integration with call logs, call analytics and other tools, Dialerking can help schools and universities manage data related to student communication and engagement. This can ensure that all stakeholders have access to relevant information and that performance and quality assurance requirements are met.

Improved fundraising

For schools and universities that rely on Dialerking for their fundraising efforts, it can improve the effectiveness of those efforts. With real-time analytics and reporting, Dialerking can help schools and universities track the success of their fundraising campaigns and optimize their outreach strategies.

Use Cases

Contacting Students

Can be used to contact students who want to learn more about a specific program or course. Admissions departments can use Dialerking to call prospective students and answer any questions they may have about the program.

Student Retention

Can be used to contact current students and check their progress. It can identify students who are struggling and provide additional support to help them succeed.


Can be used to call alumni and request donations for schools or universities. This can be especially useful in fundraising campaigns or when the school needs extra funds.

Event Promotion

Can be used to invite students and promote events such as open houses, career fairs, and other events on campus. This can help increase engagement and engagement among students.


Can be used to survey students, alumni, or faculty. This can help you gather ideas and insights that you can use to improve your educational experience.

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